Whatever topic you read or learn, experiencing it in a practical way is much important. If you are planning to learn Python libraries like OpenCV and Numpy, then these simple 12 lines of code are easy to practice and experience the real-time use of these libraries.

Let’s start exploring the required libraries for detecting eyes.


OpenCV is an image processing library created by Intel. It provides simple and useful ways to read and write images. The OpenCV library allows you to run Computer Vision algorithms efficiently in real-time. OpenCV is a popular Computer Vision library that has many built-in tools…

Supervised learning is the major step in creating AI or Machine learning models for better prediction, spam detection, fraud detection, image recognition, and product recognition, etc., In this article, we will understand how supervised learning techniques used in real-world problems.

Let us understand what exactly is supervised learning.

Supervised learning is a technique where we already know how our output should look like and the input dataset is given to the model.

Supervised learning is of two types:

— Classification

— Regression

In regression, we are trying to predict results in the continuous output whereas, in classification, we are trying to predict results in the discrete output.

Example of Regression:

You had given an image of a person and we had to predict the age of a person on the basis of a given picture.

Let’s solve the real-world problem…

We all know how AI & Machine learning is evolving day by day. ML will of course be the most transformative technology of the next decades. The Machine Learning Engineer career path is the most desiring and promising one in the field of Data Science as well. Machine Learning will influence every field like the way we communicate, traveling, shopping, routine tasks, business sectors, etc., According to Indeed, Machine learning Engineer is the best job with growth at its peaks and an average salary of $146,085 per annum.

Let us know the actual definition of Machine Learning.

According to Arthur Samuel in 1959,

ML is defined as a field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.

According to Tom Mitchell in 1998, Machine learning is defined as

A computer program is said to learn from experience E with respect to some task T and some performance measure P, if its performance on T, as measured by P, improves with experience E.

In simple words, If we fetch input and output data to the machine learning model, it gives us the result as…


Hypothesis Testing is necessary for almost every sector, it does not limit to Statisticians or Data Scientists. For example, if we develop a code we perform testing too. In the same way, for every product or problem that an organization shows, it has to be solved by providing assumptions. This can be done using “Hypothesis Testing”.

Before going to that, let’s know what exactly Hypothesis means:

“Hypothesis is described as a recommended solution for an undefinable incident which doesn’t into current theory”.

The actual definition of Hypothesis Testing is by which an analyst tests an assumption regarding a population parameter. The methodology retained by the analyst depends on the nature of the data used and the reason for the analysis.


Computer Vision is evolving from the emerging stage and the result is incredibly useful in various applications. It is in our mobile phone cameras which are able to recognize faces. It is available in self-driving cars to recognize traffic signals, signs, and pedestrians. Also, it is in industrial robots to monitor problems and navigating around co-workers.

The main purpose of Computer Vision is to make computers see and clarify the world like humans or maybe better than us. Computer Vision often uses programming languages like C++, Python, and MATLAB. It is an important technique for Augmented Reality. The Popular Computer…

Cartoonization means a humorous sketch or drawing of a person or vehicle or thing. A lot of software applications are available to perform this, but it requires more time and the price is high. To save time and money, a simpler way is to develop using OpenCV and NumPy Python libraries. It requires a few lines of code. A lot of people worry about the coding and face difficulties at a few steps like they don't understand what exactly that function or step means. This basic cartoon effect project will make you understand each and every step clearly.

Before going to code, we need to know about OpenCV and NumPy Python libraries.

Let’s start with the OpenCV library:


OpenCV is an image processing library created by Intel. It provides simple and useful ways to read and write images. The OpenCV library allows you to run Computer Vision algorithms efficiently in real-time. OpenCV is a popular Computer Vision library that has many built-in tools for image analysis. One of the main advantages of OpenCV is that it is highly optimized and available on almost all platforms. OpenCV reads images in BGR format.


Numpy is a library for scientific computing…

I want to become a Data Scientist or Data Analyst or ML engineer or something related to those fields — Most of the people mindset who just graduated or did 1 year MS programs.

The reason why you want to be a DS or DA or ML engineer?

Answer: Somebody will say since its trending in the market and some will say in the future it will be the most requirement jobs and some answers since its paying high salary compared to other IT jobs and some are passionate about being in those fields.

Who is actually benefiting because of this jobs trending?

Everyone who just finished graduation, rushing to take up courses available in huge in the market. Some educational institutions are really focusing on good topics and skills required for the positions and delivering them to the students who took up the courses.

While some institutions are really making a business out of those courses…

Data Visualization

To analyze which students secured the highest percentage in subjects like mathematics, physics, and chemistry we require a bar graph to display it. There are many ways to explore datasets. But in my point of view, Python plays a major role. It can be understandable with ease and requires fewer lines of code.

Photo by Negative Space from Pexels

Why Build Visuals?

__ To communicate Data clearly and for exploratory data analysis

__ To share unbiased representation of data

__ Can use them to support recommendations to different stakeholders.

When creating a visual, always remember:

__ Any feature or design you include in your plot to…

A methodology is defined as a way of system and methods used in a particular area of study or activity.

The Data Science methodology aims to answer the following 10 questions in this prescribed sequence:


  1. What is the problem that you are trying to solve?
  2. How can you use data to answer the question?


3. What data do you need to answer the question?

4. Where is the data coming from (identify all sources) and how will you get it?

5. Is the data that you collected representative of the problem to…

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